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For the Aquaguard service near me, contact us at Aquaguard RO customer care number +91-80060-35444. We provide assistance on installation, maintenance, and repair of Aquaguard water purifiers.

Aquaguard is the flagship water purifier brand of Eureka Forbes. It is trusted by millions of users and its superior technology and excellent customer service give it an edge over other competitors.

If you are looking for a reliable Aquaguard Service near me, then you can contact our Aquaguard service center at +91-80060-35444.

Features of Aquaguard RO Customer Care +91-80060-35444

  1. Maintenance and repair
  2. Aquaguard AMC plans
  3. 24/7 Aquaguard RO Customer Care

How to find Aquaguard Service near me

To find an Aquaguard service near me, all you have to do is give us a call at +91-80060-35444. We then proceed to hire a technician, scheduled visit time, and make payment after service.

Aquaguard Service Centre – Why use water purifiers?

Living in cities with a well-maintained water pipeline may make us feel like the water that we are drinking is clean and healthy. Yet, nothing could be farther from the truth. The water that we receive in our homes contains numerous particles that are harmful to our health and body. These particles include dust, dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and heavy metals. Water purifiers are important to ensure that these particles are filtered out from your drinking water while the essential minerals are also retained.

To know more about the water purifiers that are ideal for you and your family’s needs, contact us at Aquaguard service center +91-80060-35444.

Types of water purifiers

While the aim of all water purifiers is to provide you with clean drinking water, there are different types of water purifiers depending upon their functionality. Each type of water purifier is suitable for a particular scenario. Hence, it is important that you understand the type of water purifier you would need before proceeding to buy one.

  1. RO Water Purifier- Out of all types of water purifiers, RO water purifier is the most advanced form of water purifier. It is the best option to consider to purify hard water. RO water purifiers use a semipermeable membrane through which water passes after being pressured by the water pump. This extensive process helps in trapping dissolved solids like lead, arsenic, chloride, etc. and hence, purifies water.
    If you are opting for RO water purifiers, then you can either choose the wall-mounted or tabletop water purifier or the under-sink water purifier.
    Call Aquaguard service near me at +91-80060-35444 to install and repair Aquaguard RO water purifiers.
  2. UV Water Purifier- UV water purifiers are ideal for purifying water that has low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Examples of water with low TDS would be lakes and river water. Hard water has high TDS and hence, RO is better suited for them.
    UV water purifier uses UV lamp tube which uses UV light to kill germs like bacteria and virus. It helps in killing microorganisms that cause water-borne diseases.
    Water passes through the UV lamp tube where it is exposed to the UV light which kills the microorganisms. However, even though not harmful, the dead bodies of these microorganisms remain in the water.
  3. UF Water Purifier- UF water purifier or Ultra Filtration water purifier is an ideal solution for filtering out dirt and microorganisms from water. It uses thin layer of membrane to separate water from dirt particles and microorganisms. While not suitable for hard water, it is better than UV water purifiers in the sense that dead bodies of microorganisms do not remain in the water after purification. UF water purifier is also known as a gravity-based water purifier.
    We also offer assistance on UV and UF water filters in our Aquaguard service center. Get in touch with Aquaguard RO customer care number +91-80060-35444 to know more.
  4. Activated carbon water purifier- As the name suggests, activated carbon water purifier uses activated carbon, usually made from charcoal to remove pesticides, chemicals, .heavy metals, and chlorine from water.
    The chemicals and heavy metals stick to the carbon due to its absorption property and water is effectively filtered.
    Although great for removing chemicals and heavy metals, activated carbon does not remove salts and microorganisms like viruses and bacteria.
  5. Sediment filter- Sediment filter is a pre-filter and hence, works in combination with other filters line RO, UF, and UV. They are made of polyester fibers or cotton and help in filtering out dirt, dust, and mud particles in water.
    They are not effective in filtering out chemicals, germs, and heavy metals. But since they are used with other types of water purifiers, they act as an additional layer of purification of water.

Before opting to buy a water purifier, look at their specifications and functions carefully. For Dehradun, we would recommend RO water purifier. If you are looking for a reliable Aquaguard service near me, contact us at Aquaguard RO customer care number +91-80060-35444.

Out of RO, UV, and UF water purification techniques, RO is the most advanced technology. Along with dirt, chemicals, and bacteria, RO also removes heavy metals from the water. It filters out the microorganisms, bad smell, and other unwanted chemicals in your water while also keeping the minerals intact. RO water purifiers work best for hard water supply.

Book Aquaguard Service Near me at +91-80060-35444

We offer installation, maintenance, and repair of your water purifiers. Along with repair services, we also offer consultation services and help you find the best water purifier for you and your family. Booking RO service at the Aquaguard service center is simple. All have to do is call our Aquaguard RO customer care number at +91-80060-35444, hire an expert technician, schedule repair timings, and pay only after the service has been delivered.

Since we offer at-home as well as in-office RO service, you can rest assured that your RO problems will be inspected thoroughly and repaired instantly. Take care of your family b

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