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If you are looking for Kent service center in Dehradun, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer Kent RO servicing which includes easy installation of your water purifier, maintenance, and repair services. Contact Kent RO near me at +91-80060-35444

Kent RO Systems is an Indian health products company that produces and markets water purifiers along with air purifiers, water softeners, vacuum cleaners, and vegetable & fruit purifiers. Kent was recognized as the best domestic water purifier at Water Digest Water Awards in 2019.

Kent RO removes all dissolved impurities and germs from the water while also preserving essential minerals. To install a new Kent RO system, visit Kent RO near me and get it installed with professional help. If you require maintenance and Kent RO servicing, contact Kent Service center at+91-80060-35444

Features of Kent RO Servicing | Kent Service Center Number +91-80060-35444

Kent RO servicing provides the following services-

  1. Easy Kent RO installation service
  2. Kent service center for maintenance and repair
  3. Custom plans
  4. 24/7 Kent RO servicing

It is very easy to get in touch with our support team at Kent Service center. Firstly, call us at +91-80060-35444, specify your needs, hire a technician, schedule your preferred time, and pay after the service.

Yes, it’s that simple. We also offer consultation services.

How to find Kent RO near me | RO Service Center Number +91-80060-35444

Find Kent RO near me by getting in touch with us either through mail or call. Call us at +91-80060-35444 and get an instant consultation service. Whether you are looking for installation, maintenance, or repair services, we ensure that the process of Kent RO servicing is effortless for you.

Why use Kent RO water purifier

If you have ever noticed a difference in the taste of Himalayan waters, river waters, and the water that you receive in your homes, then you have already been exposed to TDS.

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids shows the number of dissolved solids in water. They include minerals, salts, metals, and ions dissolved in water. The more the amount of TDS in water, the more advanced filtration is required. Himalayan waters have the lowest TDS levels, followed by river waters, followed by hard water that you receive in your homes.

Along with TDS, the drinking water in our homes also contains dirt and microorganisms. The presence of these harmful substances not also make you and your family prone to water-borne diseases but also lead to a bad taste in water. Hence, water purification is essential to filter out these harmful substances and retain the minerals in the water.

There are different types of filtration methods, out of which RO is the most advanced one which removes all the total dissolved solids in water along with microorganisms and dirt.

Using an RO system is a necessity in today’s world where pure water is a myth. To know more about the type of RO system that is suitable for your needs, contact our Kent service center at +91-80060-35444.

Kent Service center – Call +91-80060-35444 RO Service Center

We offer installation, maintenance, and repair of your water purifiers. Along with repair services, we also offer consultation services and help you find the best water purifier for you and your family.

Get Kent RO servicing by following these simple steps. All have to do is call our Kent Service center at +91-80060-35444, hire an expert technician, schedule repair timings based on your preference, and pay only after the service has been delivered.

Since we offer at-home as well as in-office RO service, you can rest assured that your RO problems will be inspected thoroughly and repaired instantly. Take care of your family and get access to clean drinking water with Kent RO servicing.

Best RO water purifier brands in India

Here are the 5 best water purifier brands in India. You may have already heard their names as they are loved by millions of Indians for their state-of-the-art technology and efficient customer service.

For assistance with any brand of water purifier, you can contact us at Kent Service center +91-80060-35444

  1. Kent
    Kent is one of the most popular water purifier brands and certainly one of the best RO water purifier brands in India. They offer a wide range of water purifiers along with air purifiers and kitchen appliances. The RO+UV+UF+TDS water purification process has been patented by Kent RO Systems. They are renowned for their impressive technology, excellent customer service, and good pricing strategy.
  2. PureIt
    A Unilever product, Pureit is a recognized and one of the best RO water purifier brands in India. Along with water purifiers, Pureit also offers indoor air purifiers. Pureit uses the latest technologies to purify the water and their after-sales service ensures that customers remain satisfied with their product.
  3. Aquaguard
    Aquaguard is another known brand for water purifiers and can be considered one of the best RO water purifier brands.
    Aquaguard uses Biotron Technology, active copper, and advanced mineral guard technology to purify your water while also retaining essential natural minerals.
  4. Havells
    Another well-known and one of the best RO water purifier brands in India is Havells. Havells provides RO and doubles UV purification, mineral fortification, iProtect purification monitoring, and revitalizer to ensure that your water is free from impurities while the important minerals are also retained.
    Its stylish design and impressive features make it a favorite of many.
  5. Aquafresh
    Aquafresh RO comes with RO+UV+UF+TDS+ Mineral Cartridge Water purifiers’ technology and effectively purifies your water. Aquafresh offers commercial, domestic, industrial RO systems, along with water purifiers, water filters, water softener, and RO spare parts.
    Aquafresh is renowned for its innovative technology and good customer service.

While these are some of the trusted RO brands in India, there are other competitive brands like LivPure, Majesto, Tata Swatch Ultima, among others that boasts impressive technology, features, and pricing. To know more about water purifiers, go through our blog articles, and share your views.

For assistance and consulting, contact Kent Service center at +91-80060-35444

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