Benefits of drinking water

We will discuss the benefits of drinking water and how to ensure that the water that you are drinking is pure. 60% of the human body is comprised of water. Naturally, drinking pure water is essential for our health and well-being.

Experts suggest that we drink 3-4 liters or 8 glasses of water every day as water is very important for our body to function properly. Drinking pure water helps us stay energized, rejuvenates the body, reduces joint pains, and improves our skin among other benefits.

Here are the top health benefits of drinking water.

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  1. Drinking pure water alleviates joint pain
    Our bone cartilage contain 80% water. Hence, it is essential to drink water and keep the cartilage moisturized. This helps us keep our movements smooth, relieve joint pain, and improve the shock-absorbing capacity of joints.
  2. Drinking pure water can help in weight loss
    There are many benefits of drinking water for weight loss.
    Firstly, drinking water helps in boosting metabolism. Drinking half a cup of water before breakfast, lunch, or dinner helps increase satiety and significantly aids in weight loss.
  3. Drinking pure water improves digestion
    One of the main benefits of drinking water is its role in digestion. Water dilutes waste and helps in eliminating toxins from the gastrointestinal tract.
    Water significantly minimizes dehydration and relieves constipation through better bowel movement.
  4. Drinking pure water relieves stress, fatigue, and affects brain functions
    Studies show that even mild dehydration affects our mood and energy levels. Dehydration causes stress, fatigue, and impairs normal brain functions.
    Drinking pure water whenever and wherever possible to ensure that you are well hydrated and to keep your stress and fatigue at bay.
  5. Drinking pure water helps in regulating body temperature
    One of the major ways water helps in regulating body temperature is through sweat.
    Studies have suggested that having enough water in the body helps people tolerate heat strains in the form of sweat.
  6. Drinking pure water helps remove body waste and toxins
    Drinking adequate water ensures that you remove toxins in the form of urine and body sweat.
  7. Water helps prevent kidney stones
    Perhaps one of the most important health benefits of drinking water is its role in regulating kidney health. Kidneys play an important role in regulating blood pressure, filtering waste, and maintaining water levels.
    Water helps in diluting those salts and minerals that could concentrate in the kidneys and turn into stones. Hence, drinking enough water is very essential in preventing kidney stones and keeping your kidneys healthy.
  8. Benefits of drinking water for skin health
    Drinking enough water helps in improving blood flow and boosts skin cells. Water helps your skin stay hydrated and keeps your skin free from wrinkles and premature aging.
  9. Benefits of drinking water for workouts
    Drinking water while working out helps improve endurance and enable you to work out longer. Staying hydrated during workouts ensures that your joints are lubricated and helps in avoiding muscle cramps. The amount of water that you should drink depends on the type of exercise that you’re doing.
    A general rule would be to drink 5 to 10 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes during the exercise and to drink about 2 cups of water 2hrs before exercising.
  10. Benefits of drinking water by saliva formation
    Drinking adequate water ensures the healthy formation of saliva, which helps in food digestion. Drinking enough water also keeps the mouth, nose, eyes hydrated.
  11. Benefits of drinking water to relieve hangover
    When you consume alcohol, its diuretic nature makes you lose more water than you take in. This leads to dehydration and can cause symptoms like fatigue, headache, and thirst which leads to hangovers.
    Drinking pure water between drinking and having enough water before sleeping helps you ease the hangover.

As one of the most essential components of our body, the benefits of drinking water are manifold. However, you must consume the water in adequate amounts to ensure that you receive the benefits of drinking water abundantly. Also, you must ensure that the water that you are drinking is pure. In the next sections, we will cover how much water should you consume and how to ensure that you are drinking pure water.

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Amount of water that you should consume daily

It has been recommended that we should drink at least 8 glasses or 3-4 liters of water per day. Even though it is a general recommendation, the exact amount of water that you should consume daily, mainly depends on your body weight, your activity level, sweating, and medical conditions.

A general rule of thumb is to carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. Also, if you sweat a lot and have an active lifestyle then you should have more water than a person who doesn’t sweat much and has a sedentary lifestyle.

How to know if you are drinking pure water?

While the benefits of drinking water are numerous, how will you know if the water that you are drinking is pure. In India, high levels of pollution has led to the contamination of household water. The situation is even worse in poor households, slums, and cities. Hence, it can be clearly stated that water in your household could be contaminated by one or the other form of impurities.

You should check the contamination level of your household water and based on that understand the impurities present on the water. Once you know the impurities present in the water, you will be able to purify the water using water purifiers.

Water purifiers like RO, UV, and UF water purifiers help in filtering impurities from the water and provide pure water. Each of these technology target different impurities, hence, it is important to get your water tested and choose a water purifier based on the impurities present in your household water. Well-known brands in India provide combination water purifiers too, that help in treating different types of impurities.

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You can check our article to perform water testing at home with minimal equipment.

Common impurities present in water

  1. Biological impurities like microorganisms, virus, and pathogens
    Biological impurities are contaminants especially microbes that create biological contamination. Common impurities include bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoans, etc.
    These impurities multiply themselves rapidly and consuming water filled with these impurities causes health problems like typhoid, cholera, and other severe diseases.
    Boiling water helps in killing these microorganisms. It is safe to boil water fully and consume it after it cools down.
    You can also remove them using UV and UF water purifiers.
  2. Chemical impurities
    Chemical contamination is normally led by human intervention and includes impurities like pesticides, bleach, salt, metals, etc.
    These impurities can be divided into dissolved inorganic and organic compounds.
    Dissolved inorganic compounds include calcium, chlorides, magnesium, phosphates, ferrous, and other compounds that impact the chemical composition of the water.
    Dissolved organic compounds include animal and plant decay, pesticides, alcohol, and other compounds in water.
    The presence of these compounds in water negatively impacts the health of water and hence, should be removed.
    These two compounds are collectively called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and are measured in mg/liter. The ideal level of TDS in water should be between 200mg/liter-500mg/liter.
  3. Physical impurities like suspended & colloidal particles
    Physical contamination includes sediment, colloidal, and organic materials that can be visible in the water. They include dirt, mud, etc.
    You can remove these particles using UF water purifiers and RO water purifiers.

To ensure that you effectively get the benefits of drinking water, you must ensure that you are drinking pure water.

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