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Water purifier service ensures that your water purifier is installed properly, repaired instantly, and quality water purifier service is provided to you. Our technicians at the RO service center resolve your issues. We are just a call away at +91-800-603-5444.

How to choose a RO service Service Center Dehradun? Call For Water Purifier Service +91-800-603-5444

When you are looking for an RO service center, keep the following things in mind-

  1. Trusted professionals- Check if the professionals are verified.
  2. Support timings- Check if the RO service in Dehradun offers timely support. Are the numbers reachable and are the support timings available on their website?
  3. Safety- Due to Covid-19, it is necessary for the RO service center that you are opting to take all the necessary precautions for Covid-19. Check if the water purifier service has set up Covid-19 safety in place.
  4. After-installation support- You may have problems with your RO even after it has been installed or repaired. Therefore, you must check if the water purifier service offers re-work assurance and after-installation support.
  5. User reviews- The best way to know the efficiency of a water purifier service is to look at what people have to say about it. Read the user reviews and testimonials to better understand the RO service in Dehradun.

Keeping the above points in mind, our RO service center ensures that customers and their safety is placed first. You can contact us for RO service in Dehradun 24/7 at +91-800-603-5444

What are the services provided by the RO service center?

Our water purifier service includes-

  1. RO service- We offer RO service in Dehradun which includes RO installation, maintenance, and repair.
  2. Water purifier service- We provide installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of water purifiers and spares.

For assistance, contact us at our RO service center at +91-800-603-5444

When should you get the RO water purifier service?

Here are some signs that suggest that you should get RO water purifier service-

  1. You notice drips and leakages in your RO- If you notice that your RO has been leaking then you must get it checked by a professional.
    The leakage could either be due to loose connection or filter damage. If it is due to a loose connection, you can easily get it fixed yourself. But, if that’s not the cause, then it is better to contact the water purifier service.
    The professional will thoroughly check your RO and discover the cause of the leakage and the required solution.
  2. Bad taste or smell of water- If you notice that your RO water has been tasting or smelling bad, then the water in the RO is stagnant. This could be caused by a worn-out membrane or an over-used filter. You can either replace them yourself or get it inspected and replaced by a professional.
  3. The valve is not working properly- When the valve is not working properly, there is a continuous flow of water. This could either be due to a broken valve or the wrong installation of the membrane. In this case, opt for water purifier service and get your RO inspected.
  4. Noisy faucet- Noisy faucet is a common problem faced by people. You could face this issue after installing a new RO system or after changing the filters. Though, not a very serious issue, you should consult water purifier service to get assistance with this problem.
  5. Slow water flow- Slow water flow could be due to a low volume of water or low pressure. Increase the pressure to see if that works. Or contact water purifier service to inspect the issue.

These are some of the common RO problems that people face. If you are facing these problems or other problems not mentioned here, you can contact the water purifier service at +91-800-603-5444

Taking care of your RO Water Purifier – RO Service in Dehradun

Whether you have installed a new RO system or have been using the same one for years, it is important to take care of it through proper maintenance. Proper maintenance saves you from the sudden crashes and your RO will last longer.

For maintenance and repair assistance, contact the water purifier service at +91-800-603-5444

Here are some tips to maintain your RO system-

  1. Change RO membrane regularly- RO membrane is one of the most essential components of the RO water purifier which helps in separating out the impure particles from the water. A clean and well-functioning RO membrane is essential for healthy drinking water. Prevent clogging of membrane pores by changing it every 3-4 months.
  2. Change RO filter regularly- Just like membranes, filters are essential for filtering impure particles from the water. As RO consists of a series of stages of purification, it is important that you take care of each component so that the water you are drinking is healthy. The filters should be replaced every 3-4 months.
    Two types of common filters used by RO water purifiers is sediment filters and carbon filters. These filters should be replaced every 1 year.
  3. Clean RO tank- It is important to sanitize and clean RO tanks and pipes to maintain your RO water purifier. You can clean them when changing filters.
  4. Check the pressure nozzle regularly- Do not fail to check the pressure nozzles at regular intervals. Pressure nozzles help in balancing the flow of water in RO. If you are witnessing a slow flow of water, then try increasing the pressure of your RO.
    If you notice any problem in pressure nozzles, contact the RO service center at +91-800-603-5444 for assistance.
  5. Conduct annual maintenance- As RO water purifiers are an essential component for a healthy lifestyle, you must ensure that they are working smoothly. Hence, carry out annual maintenance of your RO system, wherein all its pertaining issues are inspected and solved.

Water is an important component of our everyday life. And having access to clean and safe drinking water is vital to keep us healthy and away from water-borne diseases. RO water purifiers do an excellent job of filtering out harmful substances from our drinking water. It is hence, important for us to keep our RO water purifiers well maintained and address any issues that it may be facing.

For any assistance or consultation on RO water purifiers, contact our water purifier service and RO service in Dehradun at+91-800-603-5444 We are always ready to help.

Stay safe and stay healthy.


-Published: 09/07/2020
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