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Water purifiers maintenance needs constant and hence, you should always consider the maintenance cost before buying a water purifier. There are ways to save significantly on water purifiers maintenance and also, reduce the cost. Along with that, there are good brands that offer quality water purifiers with low maintenance costs. In this article, we will discuss the best water purifier with low maintenance costs and ways to maintain water purifiers at your home. For a reliable RO service near me, contact the RO service center in Dehradun at +91-80060-35444.

Why is water purifiers maintenance important? | RO service center+91-80060-35444

The purification technique in water purifiers depends on different parts of the water purifiers that perform a specific function. These parts need maintenance at regular intervals to continue filtering water effectively.

Hence, you must conduct regular water purifiers maintenance to ensure that your water purifier is working properly and there are no unknown problems that is obstructing the water filtration process.

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Best water purifiers maintenance In Low cost | RO Service Center +91-80060-35444

When looking for a water purifier for home, you should always look for trusted brands. Along with that, always choose the water purifiers that best works with the type of impurities present in your area’s water. You can either choose a UV, UF, RO, or water filters based on a combination of these technologies.

Following are some well-known and trusted water purifier brands with a low maintenance cost-

  1. Kent
    Kent is one of the most popular water purifier brands in India.
    Kent RO has its own water purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS control which it has patented. This solution ensures that Kent RO removes all dissolved impurities, bacteria, and viruses.
  2. Aquaguard
    Aquaguard is another known brand for water purifiers and can be considered one of the best RO water purifier brands.
    Aquaguard uses Biotron Technology, active copper, and advanced mineral guard technology to purify your water while also retaining essential natural minerals.
  3. Aquafresh
    Aquafresh is popular for its RO systems including commercial, domestic, industrial RO systems, water purifiers, water filters, water softener, and RO spare parts.
    Aquafresh RO comes with RO+UV+UF+TDS+ Mineral Cartridge Water purifiers’ technology and effectively purifies your water.
  4. Havells
    Havells provides RO and doubles UV purification, mineral fortification, iProtect purification monitoring, and revitalizer to ensure that your water is free from impurities while the important minerals are also retained.
    Its stylish design and impressive features make it a favorite of many.
  5. PureIt
    A Unilever product, Pureit is a recognized and one of the best RO water purifier brands in India. Along with water purifiers, Pureit also offers indoor air purifiers. Pureit uses the latest technologies to purify the water and they are after-sales service ensures that customers remain satisfied with their product.

These are some well-known water purifier brands that offer impressive technology and pricing to help you get safe and healthy drinking water.

Investing in a trusted water purifier ensures that it is a good product with better performance and durability than other unknown products. Hence, the first step to maintaining your water purifier starts with buying the right product.

Now that you are aware of the trusted brands in the market, here are some water purifier maintenance tips that will help you save maintenance costs.

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Water Purifiers Maintenance Tips| Save maintenance cost Call Ro Service Center +91-80060-35444

Always take care of these things to save maintenance costs and get the best water purifier with low maintenance costs.

  1. Buy water purifiers from trusted brands
    As mentioned before, always invest in a well-known good quality water purifier so that the water purifier filters the impurities effectively and also last longer. Furthermore, branded water purifiers have good customer support and the spare parts are also easily available.
    If you are looking for the best water purifier with a low maintenance cost, then branded water purifiers are the way to go.
  2. Check AMC plans
    AMC or Average Maintenance Cost is a yearly maintenance contract that serves as an agreement between the manufacturer and the owner of the water purifier. This agreement contains terms for regular maintenance and servicing of your water purifier.
    When you are buying a new water purifier for your home, opt for an AMC plan so that you have regular servicing and water purifier maintenance schedule. That way, you will save up on replacing and repairing individual parts too and the AMC plan will take care of your water purifier maintenance schedule.
    You can also browse our AMC plans and get in touch with us at RO service center +91-79836-46309.
  3. Follow proper instructions mentioned in the user manual
    Even if you have hired a technician to install the water purifier, you should read the user manual carefully so that you understand the use of different parts and also know about the proper ways to use the water purifier.
    If you are having some issues with something, then you can always get in touch with RO service center at +91-80060-35444 or the manufacturer’s customer service to clear your doubts.
  4. Follow a servicing and maintenance schedule
    Water purifiers need regular maintenance. The filters need to be replaced in 3-4 months, the tanks should be kept clean, and any form of leakage or issues should be immediately consulted.
    To avoid deterioration of your water’s quality and to ensure that your water purifier functions smoothly, always follow a water purifiers maintenance schedule and stick to it.
  5. Use only genuine spare parts
    You may have a branded water purifier but it will mean nothing if you don’t use genuine spare parts like filters and membranes after repair and maintenance. Not using genuine products will significantly reduce the quality of filtration and in the long run, damage your purifier too.
  6. Get water purifiers maintenance and servicing from trusted professions
    It is important that you get your servicing done only from trusted professionals. Whenever you are looking for an RO service near me, ensure that you have checked their website, pre and post-sales service details, technician’s certifications, and their terms and conditions.
    If you are looking for a reliable RO service near me in Dehradun, then you can get in touch with the RO service center at +91-80060-35444. We offer transparent pricing, free consultation, and safe maintenance and repair facilities. We also offer low-cost AMC plans for all.

Taking care of your Water Purifier | RO Service Center in Dehradun +91-80060-35444

Whether you have installed a new RO system or have been using the same one for years, it is important to take care of it through proper maintenance. Proper maintenance saves you from the sudden crashes and your RO will last longer.

For maintenance and repair assistance, contact RO service center in Dehradun at +91-80060-35444.

Here are some tips water purifiers maintenance-

  1. Change the RO membrane regularly
    If you are using a RO water purifier, then it is important to change the RO membrane regularly.
    RO membrane is one of the most essential components of the RO water purifier which helps in separating out the impure particles from the water.
    A clean and well-functioning RO membrane is essential for healthy drinking water. Prevent clogging of membrane pores by changing it every 3-4 months.
  2. Change RO filter regularly
    Just like membranes, filters are essential for filtering impure particles from the water. As RO consists of a series of stages of purification, it is important that you take care of each component so that the water you are drinking is healthy. The filters should be replaced every 3-4 months.
    Two types of common filters used by RO water purifiers are sediment filters and carbon filters. These filters should be replaced every 1 year.
  3. Clean RO tank
    It is important to sanitize and clean RO tanks and pipes to maintain your RO water purifier. You can clean them when changing filters.
  4. Check the pressure nozzle regularly
    Do not fail to check the pressure nozzles at regular intervals. Pressure nozzles help in balancing the flow of water in RO. If you are witnessing a slow flow of water, then try increasing the pressure of your RO.
  5. Conduct annual maintenance
    As RO water purifiers are an essential component for a healthy lifestyle, you must ensure that they are working smoothly. Hence, carry out annual maintenance of your RO system, wherein all its pertaining issues are inspected and solved.
  6. Clean the exteriors
    Always keep the exteriors clean by wiping it with cloth regularly. If possible, you can also cover the RO with a cover.

For any assistance or consultation on RO water purifiers and water purifiers maintenance, contact our RO service center in Dehradun at+91-80060-35444 We are always ready to help.

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